Thursday, March 1, 2007

NFL TALK and Jennifer Love Hewitt

I think I'm experiencing some paranormal behavior Jennifer. Please come to my house as soon as possible with little to nothing on and we can get rid of these ghosts in my pants. thank you. Now some NFL TALK:

Steelers cut Porter (Valley Independent) - It was only a matter of time before Pittsburgh was going to get rid of him and his dogs.

Bly to Denver for Tatum Bell (USA Today) - That's one nice secondary you got!

Parcells rejoins ESPN (ESPN) - Tuna back in the mix. Maybe he'll light some people up now that he isn't coaching.

Jags Taylor signs extension (Orlando Sentinel) - Fragile Freddy gets some money and gets to watch Maurice Jones-Drew steal his carries.

Neal highest paid fullback - (Union Tribune) - The human battering ram gets paid to run over oncoming traffic and pick up LT's kids from school.

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rstiles said...

That is one AWESOME photo of JL Hewitt....

Those are tasty looking mounds!!